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I began my creative journey at a very young age as a writer, expressing myself through words, creating images with haiku and other poetry and short story.  Through extensive journaling work with The Artists Way by Julia Cameron, I found that I could express myself visually, as well, and began exploring that interplay through sculpture and collage.  Working with Internationally known collage artist, Jonathan Talbot, I found a visual collage vocabulary that enabled my expression even more.  I create out of this necessity to connect, express, communicate and funnel energies that I absorb from the material world.  

I rarely have a vision in mind when I begin a new series.  The works generally come from listening to the universe about what is to be done next.  I enjoy the process of exploring shape, color, texture, line, space, time, transparency: the edges and intersections of our lives as they intermingle with the universe.   That process becomes more important than the finished product in any endeavor.  When the viewer meets the work, she brings her own sensibility to the viewing of the work.  And then it becomes something else, all together.  It is the interplay of creator and viewer that creates the art in the universe. 

By using paper, metal, wood, transparency, emotion, humor, the directions:  north, south, east, west, and the elements:  metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, I explore and I learn.  I have a love affair with the violin and baseball. Parts of these can be found in some of the assemblages I create.  You might find baseball leather or puzzle pieces. I love old objects, snippets of another time, antique toys, ephemera, images, and found objects in any kind of disarray in which they are discovered.  The discovery becomes the beginning of the process.  

My inspirations are Wassily Kandinsky, Joseph Cornell, Jonathan Talbot, Lee Bontecou, Alberto Burri, Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Gerald Brommer, and the early collages of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.  They are The Dadaists and the Cubists, the Surrealists and the Abstract Expressionists.  I feel as though I am continuing some kind of thoughtful expression, as many of these artists have done before me.  I continue to explore the use of three dimensional found objects in my work and hope to work into much more sculptural collage in the future. 


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